Building Blocks of the Future: Career Prospects After Completing VFX and Animation Courses in Thane

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Have you seen the trailer for the upcoming movie ‘Madame Web’, the cult classic series of Spider-Man? Obviously, the no-brainer is how efficiently they have used the concept of Spiderman, and the VFX in the movie is literally unnoticeable! If you’re a VFX novice like other people, you won’t notice, but if you’re reading this, then we assume you’re not! 

Over the years, the VFX and animation field has been booming, and there is no way it will look back in the upcoming 100 years. And what we think VFX is going beyond the movies. It sounds like a far-fetched theory, but like AI, this could also be possible! 

The popularity of animated content for all age groups and the emergence of OTT platforms have contributed to the rapid growth of the VFX industry worldwide. VFX involves using computer-generated imagery to create or enhance visuals in movies, TV shows, and other media forms. This blog is about the career options you can pursue after completing your VFX course in Thane, offered by e-Drishyam. 


In the VFX industry, animators are responsible for creating lifelike movements and expressions for characters or objects. Apart from characters, they may also animate vehicles or other forms of objects. A major part of their job involves using specialized computer software to bring images to life in 3D models.

Layout Artist

This profession is part of the pre-production and pre-visualization process. As the name suggests, this profession is all about giving ideas and how the visuals eventually look. Basically, the layout artist shows how the script and storyboard will look on the screen. It includes everything from camera angles to scene creation. 

A layout artist is responsible for turning the script and storyboard into a visual format. They create templates for scenes, camera angles, and other elements that will be used to bring the story to life on screen. It’s their job to make sure the visual representation matches the script and storyboard.

Compositing Artist

The success of visual effects lies in their seamless integration with the rest of the background without any distracting glitches. Even a little mistake can destroy the entire viewing experience. This is where the expertise of a compositor comes in. Their job is to ensure that the VFX and live-action blend in seamlessly and that any visual disturbances are eliminated to maintain the continuity of the visuals.

Lighting Artist

The lighting position of a movie is a crucial aspect of its production as it creates the mood of the film. Whether the movie is live-action or animated, a lighting artist is responsible for comprehensing the positions of light and how it affects the real-world subjects and translating that into the world of visual effects. Lighting plays an important role not only in visual continuity but also in the storytelling process. To make a scene come alive, a lighting artist must be capable of delivering the perfect amount of illumination.

Roto Artist

The role of a roto artist is critical in the VFX industry as they are responsible for tracing the areas where computer-generated graphics meet real-life footage. This provides a framework for compositors to start their work. Being a roto artist is not only a challenging job, but it also offers a strong foundation in the world of VFX. It is often considered as a starting point for aspiring VFX professionals, and the demand for roto artists is increasing day by day.
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