Master Diploma in
Animation and VFX (MDAV)

This is our biggest, most significant program, spanned over a period of 18 months and designed to give you a thorough understanding of all courses we provide at the institute. The learning and development infused Graphic Designing, 3D Animation and VFX courses. This includes all the portions covered in these individual courses, put together to benefit students who are ready to launch themselves in the Media and/or Film industry. We urge incoming students to take this course so as to build an understanding of the pre-production, production and post-production processes in detail. Students who wish to admit themselves for this course will also have a competitive advantage due to the practice sessions in the lab, and the multitude of diverse, professional skills that students will acquire in the duration of their learning period.

Course Duration: 2 Years


Level 01-Graphic Designing


Level 02 - 3D Animation


Level 03 - VFX

Scope & Career Path

The MDAV course opens up a number of avenues for students who want to get a head start on their career.

Some of the job profiles for the same are –

StoryBoard Artist, Digital Matt Painting Artist, Photo Editor, 3D Modeler, Texture Artist, Lighting Artist, Animator, Rigger, Video Editor, Compositor, Motion Graphic Artist etc.

The number of job options and opportunities that students can pursue in the Animation and VFX Industry is endless and, the sky’s the limit for individuals who are well trained in the given courses of the program. In terms of media, business, visual art, film and other such vast industries, students will have acquired the right amount of practice to launch themselves in a way that suits their dreams and goals.


Master The Art Of Animation And VFX

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