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e-Drishyam Entertainment & Film School is a prolific and engaging institute that aims to create an interactive learning environment for students interested in media and film-related courses, at both the educational and professional levels. With a wide range of options and avenues, accompanied by well-qualified faculty, e-drishyam is the perfect space for students to explore their options. We encourage our students to channelize their creativity and create opportunities they can access and easily capitalize on in the future.

Apoorva Vaidya

Founder - CEO

She is the founder & proprietor of the institute. With a strong sense of direction and motivation, she has thrived in the field of education for over 20 years and earned several accolades on multiple occasions in the field of dance. She is a prolific orator, writer, and a voracious reader; and has been chosen as the president-elect of the rotary club (thane suburban). A mentor and guide to the faculty and students, she overlooks all the operations of e-drishyam and wishes to sincerely lead everyone to the path of success.

Director's Message to Students

The ideals of e-Drishyam Entertainment and Film School represent harmonious working and an optimistic outlook while providing students with a safe space to learn and grow. As the Director of e-Drishyam, I can assure you that we serve as the perfect platform for students to get inroads into the Media and Film Industry. We are confident about the exposure that e-Drishyam provides, in terms of the highly experienced faculty, who help us deliver on what you wish to achieve in the course of studying and working here. We also have a chic, state-of-the-art campus that is well equipped with all that you would need in the process of learning and getting hands-on experience of being in the industry. The comfort and coziness of the campus will also make you feel right at home while developing your skills for your professional life. We look forward to having you interact and engage with us, in a way that is personalized and customized to your needs.

Santosh Juvekar

Mentor Director

Santosh Juvekar is a well-known Indian actor. He is mostly known for his work in Marathi cinema. He began his acting career in 2004 with the Marathi play Aani Makarand Rajadhyaksha, in which he played Naren Deshmukh. Vikram Gokhale appeared in the play. He quickly began working in various television serials and rose to prominence with the show Ya Gojirvanya Gharaat, police Panch.
In 2017, he was nominated for Best Actor for Gadbad Gondhal at the Ambarnath Marathi Film Festival.
Bhonsle (2018), Adham (2019), and Chatrapati Shashan are some of his films (2019).

Mentor Director's Message to Students

Being an artist myself, it was quintessential to me that I play an instrumental role in changing the way we approach the craft of studying Film and Entertainment. e-Drishyam Entertainment and Film School is the perfect avenue for me to execute this dream of mine, in a way that helps all our students achieve their aspirations. With the technologically sound and adaptive equipment we have at our campus, we can provide students with an environment that will help develop them creatively and realistically. Our faculty are dedicated, well seasoned, and most importantly, well experienced in the industry. This will give our students the competitive edge that they need to have in the cut-throat world outside of the institute. We hope to appreciate this beautiful art with you soon and work hard to provide you with adequate accessibility and preparation for your future career prospects.

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e-Drishyam seeks to emphasize ‘learning outcomes’ within the educational space. We wish to impart practical knowledge and a strong theoretical base in a rightful balance, to ensure that our students are well informed about their employment prospects. Along with a mission that is student-oriented and student-centric, e-Drishyam aims to carry out services in an ethical, professional, and timely fashion. Our mission encapsulates our purpose and passion within the workplace.

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e-Drishyam envisions influencing a change in the culture of education and to thrive within an inquisitive and keen space of knowledge in our work environment. We aspire to be ethically sound and be a reliable source of provision for digital-based services. We look forward to guiding you on your journey to manifest your dreams.

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