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Learn Photography Course

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Learn the nuances of still images with a holistic learning approach through our research and face the challenges of the professional world. The goal of this program is to provide aspiring photographers with diverse paths and to be able to see the world in completely different ways through the camera lens. By the end of this three-year course, be ready to name yourself in the growing field of photography. 


  •  Basics and principles of operating a DSLR camera 
  •  Various styles and techniques for wildlife photography, landscape photography, street photography, food photography 
  •  Importance of light, space, color, and composition in photography 
  •  Create photos for newspapers, magazines, exhibition galleries, books, and more.

Photography is a form of art, and a photographer is nothing more than an artist who comes up with something imaginative and captures the moment. In this digital field, photography has become a vast field with diverse career opportunities. A true photographer is someone who understands every little concept of a camera and reasonably understands all types of cameras, including different camera brands. e-Drishyam’s Photography Course in Mumbai is one of the best online photography courses today and trains aspiring photographers with the quality and skills needed to be the best in the business.

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