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Bollywood Dance & Advance Digital Filmmaking

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Bollywood Dance

Bollywood Dance is the dance form used in Indian films. It is a mixture of many styles.
These styles include belly dance, kathak, Indian folk, Western and “modern” folk dance, jazz, and even Western dance. Bollywood dances and places it within the commercial and artistic framework of the South Asian film world. Bollywood dance moves have now become a familiar image on Western TV screens and movies. But where is the symbolism of gestures, footwork, and costumes drawn from classical Indian dances? Watching Bollywood dance is very interesting. The dramatic facial expressions and cinematic undertones mean that any viewer, dance fan or not, can follow the story. But beneath the sparkle is a host of historical symbols and traditions, derived from many traditional Indian dance forms. Classical dance forms like Bharatnatyam & Kathak and folk dances like Bhangra each have their own style, but they often share the same signs and meanings that are combined to create modern Bollywood dances.
This course will make your dancing style more interesting with all the gestures -posture and many more improvements from day one.

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